Sunday, December 05, 2010

Moving into Advent

We had a blessed Thanksgiving, with a great trip to Tennessee and visit with Clint's family, and yet another picture with the kids' great-grandmother. I'm always thankful for every year that they have her and get a chance to visit with her.
Right after Thanksgiving was Eric's birthday, my first baby boy is now NINE YEARS OLD! Robots & Legos ruled the day, and cake, of course!
On the way home we celebrated the first Sunday of Advent with our friends, the Christiansens. It was wonderful to see them, and we were glad to break up the drive for Gabe's sake.
After we arrived home, it was time to prepare for Katie's birthday, and her Very Special Surprise--A visit from Grandma! She was shocked and thrilled, and we all had a weekend to remember with my Mom. The visit was followed immediately by Katie & Eric's piano recital, which I was prevented from attending by my friend, Mr. Migraine. It received rave reviews from Clint, though, so I am proud of my budding musicians.
Tomorrow we'll be putting off the daily grind one more day with the Feast of Saint Nicholas. Whew, I got tired just typing all our business up, let alone living it. Look for pictures soon.