Friday, December 29, 2006

Break's over

Did I mention that I was bad at this? It's been a busy couple of months. Quite a bit has been accomplished. Philip is out of diapers, and our stockpile has been washed, boxed, and put away. Not thrown away, but I have my doubts. Eric is on the road to reading. The only thing he gets more excited about is weaponry. That is not a typo. Katie is loving school and learning and gave her very first poetry recitation yesterday. She is also knitting her first project, a scarf for Philip. It's an Epiphany gift. Clint and I are muddling along. Okay, I'm muddling, he's knocking my socks off with his supportiveness of my half-baked endeavors. I'm getting by on a little prayer, a little sleep, and too much caffeine and sugar. If I can increase the first item and decrease the last, I'll have a great 2007.